Are you a SPAMBOT?

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

That’s a Teddy Roosevelt quote. Curious as to why I started today’s blog with that particular quote? Because today, I’m going to be discussing the wrong and right ways to prospecting and recruiting on social media.

How many times have you received a friend request from someone you don’t know to pull up their profiles and see they work with whatever company? You know right away why they sent you the friend request and you get that “UGHHHH” feeling. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, moments later you get that notification of a new message in which they are basically just pitching you their opportunity.


This is absolutely the WRONG way to recruit new prospects.

This approach in no way gives you a sense that these people want to connect with you as a person. They haven’t made any attempts to get to know you in any way, shape, or form. I call this commission breath, and they’re going to smell it a mile away.

It’s a big turn off and really isn’t going to do you or your business any good. It’s really important to be adding people to your network on a daily basis, sending out new friend requests and such, but you gotta go at it the right way and make a real authentic effort to build these relationships. The last thing you ever want to be is a spammer.

So how do you know if you’re a spammer?

Number one: you PM a stranger on social media and include a link to your product or opportunity. You send a friend request and then a message right away with only details of what you are “selling.”

Number two: (and this one irritates me to the core) you add people to groups WITHOUT their permission. Gah! Like why?!?!

If this has happened to you, you know that icky, annoying feeling you get upon seeing that you’ve just been blindly added to something that you know nothing about. Don’t make your prospects feel that same icky feeling about you.

You need to have some conversation, ask questions, and find out their needs, goals, and desires. Follow it with explaining your group, why it could be something to benefit their goals, needs, desires, and then ASK how that sounds to them BEFORE adding them to your group.

Number three: you post links to your products or business on other people’s posts.

I’ve had this happen to me before where I am creating curiosity, I am engaging with my people, and somebody drops a link to their product in my post. This is a spammer, don’t do that.

And lastly, the number four clear indicator that you are a spammer: you get flagged as a spammer. Point blank, people see you as a spammer and they let Facebook know right away that what you are dishing isn’t something they’re cool with.

Remember that Facebook jail I talked about in last week’s post? Spammers are constantly thrown in there! So don’t accidentally get yourself labeled as a spammer or engage with people with only hopes that your business will come up.

So, before I get to the right ways to recruit on social media, let me share a story about myself and how I was prospected the right way into my new company.

I had been with a different company for two years before I met the exact person I wanted to join in business. He took the effort for a few months to chat and get to know me.

Have you ever heard of F.O.R.M? It means Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation. Those are the types of questions that you want to ask people. He took that time to get to know me and really create a genuine authentic connection with me and that is why I joined him in his company.

Now here’s the deal.

Obviously, if we meet somebody online or in person that we connect with and we feel like we vibe with, of course we want them in our business. I mean that’s what our business is, but it’s always going to come down to taking the time to get to know them and find out if what you have to offer even is a good fit for them.

Let’s talk about the right way to build.

You want to create curiosity and the way to do that is through Attraction Marketing. Attraction marketing is attracting your ideal customers and business partners to you by the way you present yourself to the world.

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Whatever we put out is what we attract back to us. Positioning yourself in a place of power where people have to actually come to you and talk to you about what you’re doing is powerful as opposed to just putting out over and over again your products. You want people to have to come to you and ask what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter what it is. If you’re doing skin care, if you’re doing weight loss, if you’re really heavily promoting your business, it’s about showing people that you are the person that can help them reach their goals. It’s all about them. When you’re constantly posting all about your products or your opportunity, and people know exactly what it is, it becomes more about you. People become very immune to seeing the same posts over and over again.

Be sure that you are setting yourself apart from the rest. This is key for longevity.

Anyone can copy and paste a post. Sure maybe you saw someone else get lots of engagement and you might think well if I do the same, I’ll get the same results. You might, but you also might not. But here’s the thing, when you aren’t writing your own content or being authentic, people pick up on that. So set yourself apart. Instead of just posting a picture quote, interpret what it means to you and build content around that.

Think about how you’re different than everyone else. There’s nobody else like you. You are a unique person, so you really want to take the time to get to know yourself better so that you know the value and the content that you can provide to your audience. You want to use your social media as an opportunity to provide content, to provide a value.

Remember, social media isn’t here for people to go buy things. That isn’t the purpose of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other social media platforms. Instead, you need to practice the three E’s.

Don’t know what the three E’s are? No problem! Let me introduce you to the benefits of practicing the three E’s.

People go on Facebook not to buy, they go on Facebook to be educated, to be engaged with, and to be entertained. Let me break it down further.

The first thing you want to do is educate people. What is something that you are an expert at that sets you apart? Maybe you have fitness tips that you could provide. Maybe you’re really good at organizing, so you can share organizational tips for busy moms. Parenting tips, anything like that where you’re educating people and providing value. Always lead with value. Again, you want to position yourself as somebody who has value to offer and can take people where they want to go.

The second thing is engage. The best way to engage people on Facebook is to do Facebook Lives. The reason why is it allows people to get to know you and your personality more. Facebook loves lives, so they’re going to show your lives to more people than they would a regular post. The more comments you get, more likes and shares you get on your lives, the more people that are going to see it…so engaging!

Remember, you don’t have to talk about network marketing all the time. You are a person with a life outside of marketing, so be authentic and engage in conversation that can be just about anything you’re passionate about.

For instance, you all know I’m a mom. I have a baby right now who isn’t sleeping through the night. I might make a post asking moms about when their baby first slept through the night. This might really get you lots of engagement and that’s great! Just remember to follow up and engage back with genuine comments. Perhaps a conversation could lead to your products or opportunity, but the key is you’re not forcing it down people’s throats. And that definitely sets you far apart from a spammer.

The third E is entertain. You want to entertain people. If you have a talent, show it off. I’m not saying put on a show on Facebook, but be funny or share something that entertained you. Humor is such a great way to be remembered. Everyone loves to laugh and share those things with others.

So to wrap things up: be authentically you.

Don’t become a spambot. Don’t become a robot that doesn’t last. You might initially get some sales in the beginning, but long term you want to build your brand. Your brand is you. You want to attract people to you.

If you want a little bit more information, if you want to go more in depth about attraction marketing, about branding yourself and building a really successful business online, I have a FREE bootcamp to share that completely transformed my business! Click here to sign up now!



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Alison is a wife, mom to 3 boys, and Mompreneur. She is a both a business coach, and a health and wellness coach. She believes that true success comes from having a positive mindset, a healthy body, and a clear plan of action in order to achieve your goals!