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3 Tips to Avoid Overeating!!

  This is a long one, but hear me out! My Personal Trainer, and good friend, Heather Daniels, gives some SOLID advice here….I am only TWO WEEKS into working with her and her husband, Darryl Daniels and am already down FOUR pounds and an inch on my waist! (You can click here if you’re interested […]

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Food Cravings…What do They Mean?

…And more importantly, how do you OVERCOME them?? Let’s be honest here, we have ALL fallen victim to cravings, and while it’s much easier to just blame our hormones, our cravings are actually the body’s way of signaling that something is OUT of BALANCE. Heather Daniels, Personal Trainer, owner of Beyond Bodyz Fitness, and co-creater […]

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