How to Handle Negative People on Facebook

Hello, my mompreneurs! Today I want to talk about negative people on Facebook and how to handle them.

Let’s be real…we all have had to deal with people who do nothing but spew negativity towards you and your business. These people cause nothing but stress and can make you second guess your choices. Not good!

So, it’s time to shut them out and here are some tips on how to do it:

Tip 1: Don’t engage.

People who are being negative towards you are looking for you to engage, so don’t! It’s kind of like when your kids are purposely pushing your buttons. You know they are doing it just to get a rise out of you, but sometimes it’s best to not react in the way they are expecting you to. So, tip one, do not engage with those negative Nancys in your life.

Tip 2: Remember it’s not about you.

Happy people don’t go out of their way to make other people feel bad about themselves. So those people who are going out of their way to insult you or make you feel bad, are just projecting internal frustrations with their own life. Try not to take it personally, if you can.

Side note: if you’re having trouble blocking out the haters and are looking for help improving your mindset, click here to schedule a call with me.


Tip 3: Be compassionate.

If you have to engage with a negative Nancy, kill them with kindness. Sometimes you have to express your concern to those bashing your name or brand. When those moments happen, be kind when explaining your issues. Sometimes that alone can cause someone to take a second look at their actions and stop. If that doesn’t work though…

Tip 4: Delete and block.

Some negative Nancys are just so persistent on making sure you feel horrible about yourself or your choices and when that happens: DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. Don’t spend any of your precious time worrying about how unimportant people think about you. Don’t engage and just use that nifty block feature Facebook has so graciously given to us.

Lastly and most importantly, Tip 5: Surround yourself with positive people who support you.

You need people you can reach out to an express your thoughts and concerns knowing that they are here for you without judgement. Along with your positive support team, be cautious of what you are listening to, watching, or reading. Don’t fill your head with the negative vibes of the world.

So, my mompreneurs, grab those hater shades, block out those negative rays, and fill your days with positive motivation and inspiration always.

Remember, I’m always here for you mama. If you’re having trouble blocking out the haters and are looking for help improving your mindset, click here to schedule a call with me.



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Alison is a wife, mom to 3 boys, and Mompreneur. She is a both a business coach, and a health and wellness coach. She believes that true success comes from having a positive mindset, a healthy body, and a clear plan of action in order to achieve your goals!

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