LIVE with Julie Burke

Hey Mompreneurs! You guys might be familiar with my story starting off as a Pilates instructor to a stay-at-home mom with entrepreneurial dreams and now a successful Mompreneur, but today I have a treat for you!

I was honored to have an opportunity to do a Facebook LIVE Q/A session with good friend and mentor, Julie Burke.

As you know, I wanted to be home with my kids and build a business out of the pockets of my life. I was telling everyone how much this new business of mine was this freedom life style, but I wasn’t truly living it. So, I was in search of something different to really take my business and my life to a new level.

And that was how I found Julie.

I knew of Julie and her success because we worked at the same company, but once I started to follow her on social media, I really got to know her better. She was doing something different and offering tremendous value, which was exactly what I was searching for.

Now, I have partnered with Julie at our new company to focus on building completely online using attraction marketing on Facebook.

Whether you are in introvert, extrovert, someone just looking for some guidance or value, tune into our LIVE session to learn how this busy mom of two boys went from 0 to multiple 6 figures in under TWO YEARS. (No kidding!!)

If you enjoyed this interview or are a fan of Julie and want to know more about how she can help you explode your business, click here to learn about her new course Silent Recruiting Method.



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Alison is a wife, mom to 3 boys, and Mompreneur. She is a both a business coach, and a health and wellness coach. She believes that true success comes from having a positive mindset, a healthy body, and a clear plan of action in order to achieve your goals!