Why the Curiosity Approach is the BEST Way to Promote Your Products

“How do you promote your products without actually saying what they are?”

I get this question A LOT.

This may not be how your company teaches you to promote, so just take these next few tips as food-for-thought. Maybe to inspire you to switch things up and see what works better for you.

First, let’s chat about why you want to use curiosity to promote your business!

When I first started, I wasn’t interested in the business side of my company. I fell in love with the products and so I was fired up and felt that the whole world needed to know about them.

I am 100% sure that each and every one of you feel whole-heartedly that you have the best products on the planet. They change lives. They’re absolutely amazing. Everyone and their grandmas need them in their lives.

But remember that we ALL feel that way about our products.

So if we’re all just vomiting, all of us at one time, about how great our products are, we’re actually not conveying WHY they are of value to people.

Second, be empowered!

Even though we see all the vomiting as excitement, it can seem more like you are desperate and are just trying hard to sell stuff to your friends…and NOBODY likes to be sold to. So you want to make sure that you’re coming from a place of empowerment and not desperation.

Third, use curiosity!

Do you want to know what the number one reason is you should use curiosity?

It puts you in control of the conversation.

Using curiosity to draw in people forces them to reach out to you if they are interested in what you’re saying. You can show the value of why it would be valuable for you to use these products with me, choose me as your coach, or advise you on what products are going to work best for you and your goals.

If you don’t set yourself up with the opportunity to have a conversation, you won’t have the knowledge to accurately advise people on what would work best for them as an INDIVIDUAL. Plus, without that conversation, you close the opportunity to allow them to also fall in love with the products and maybe get that inspiration from you to start on their own.

SIDENOTE: What I found out recently is people use stolen credit cards to purchase products from MLM companies, direct sales companies, network marketing companies, and then sell them on the internet. People are always looking for a deal, so if you keep your product name off your posts, you have a less of a chance of losing potential customers to Amazon or eBay.


Ready for the number two reason curiosity works best?

You avoid turning people off. If you put your business or products out there in such a way that it looks like you’re trying to sell something, people are going to feel like they are trying to be sold to and again, nobody likes to be sold to.

This can result in people ignoring your posts, unfollowing you, or even unfriending you.

I have friends that I have un-followed because every single post they put out is them trying to sell their products. They’re not providing value for me to know why I’d even want to try their product. So don’t make people feel like they HAVE to ignore you, unfollow you, or unfriend you.

Number three goes hand-in-hand but…

DON’T BE A SPAMMER. Remember that Facebook doesn’t want you using your personal page to promote a business, hence why Facebook jail exists.

Now, you might be wondering, if I don’t put the name of my products out there, how are people going to know what I do? How am I going to sell my products?

This is where engaging with people comes into play. Let me share an example:

I posted a selfie of me flexing and making a funny face or whatever with a ton of emojis (Don’t mind me, I’m just OBSESSED with them 😉). It says…



And there it is!

I didn’t say what the name of my company was or what the products were or what they clinically do. My aim was to create a feeling. I was shocked that my products kept me from gaining weight while on vacation and under stress from the move. I am connecting to the emotion of that and it’s a feeling others can relate to. They comment and I have my window of initiating that conversation we talked about earlier.

But what if they comment asking what the secret is???

You’re never going to say the name of what it is because you want to keep that curiosity, okay? So you’re going to tag her and say “Suzy, I’ll PM you” and then you go into a private message.

In that private message, I would say something like this…(P.S. I love using voice message because people can hear your excitement and your enthusiasm)

“Oh my gosh, Suzy, thank you so much for commenting on my post. I can’t even believe that I didn’t gain a single pound! I’m so excited to share more info with you. Could you share with me a little bit about what your health goals are?”

With my company, we use the ATM system, so we Add, Tag, and Message. We have Facebook groups that we utilize that have hundreds of thousands of members with all of these testimonies, so they’re going to find somebody that they relate to. I add them to the group. I tag them in some information, and then I follow up with them in a message.

If you work with skincare products, ask about their skincare needs. Then you go through whatever method you use to share your products. That’s what you would do from that point on, okay?

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But what if this goes against the way I’m taught to build?

You have to ask yourself if that feels authentic to you. If it’s congruent with the way you want to build, right? That’s important. If the answer is no, then you’re going to have some other questions that you need to deal with…if it’s the right company for you or if you want to go rogue and build the way that you want to build.

But, what if somebody else from your company comments on your post and ruins your game?

There are two things you can do:

  1. Create a friends list to use in your privacy setting. So let’s say you have 20 people from your company, your team, upline, sideline, cross line, heart line, everybody that is a Facebook friend, right? So you go to friends and there’s a place to create a list. You’ll put those 20 people into a list, label it whatever is best for you to remember why these people are in a list together, and when you go to do a post, change the privacy settings do that everybody BUT that list can see the post. DOWNSIDE: it limits your reach.
  2. Just ask them not to do that. I did that before, where if somebody commented the name of my company when I did a post, I would just delete it and reach out to them and say, “Hey, thank you so much for supporting my post, but I really do my best to keep the name off my page and hopefully they would understand.”

But, what do I do if my company has a promotion or a special, or a sale, or whatever? Don’t I want to promote that on my page?

Remember you already think these products are amazing. You already think that they change lives. They changed your life. You think everybody needs these in their life, but your friends and other people don’t feel that way yet, so if your company says ‘we’re giving 25% off until Sunday’, you think, oh my gosh, how could people just not be jumping on this?

They’re not going to jump on it because 25% means nothing to them.

It’s not that you shouldn’t share promotions, but you’re going to do that in a private message. Like when you’re in that private message with Suzy and you’re talking to her about her health goals and she says she wants to lose 20 pounds by Christmas, and you’re giving her whatever presentation you do, and then you can say, “oh my gosh, and this is so great! We have 25% off until Sunday, how awesome is that?” Share it in a private message instead.

But what do I do if I’ve been doing it the other way?

So you’ve been the spammer or the person who’s been posting links and pics of their products 3 times a day and now you want to do it differently? First, don’t expect to have alllllll these sales coming in because you aren’t posting 3 times a day anymore.

You have to rebuild your reputation with your friends and audience. You’ve got to show them that things are different. That they aren’t going to get spammed by you if they come to your page and that your page isn’t a gigantic commercial or billboard.

I recommend posting about your products NO MORE than twice a week, but still continue using curiosity posts. Focus on providing value, doing Facebook live so people get to know you, post funny things, be entertaining. Post about your life, your kids, show who you are. Post about your lifestyle, whether it be fitness, crafting, or whatever it may be.

Show more of who YOU are because you are NOT your products. People don’t care about your products, they care about you and they are going to buy your products because of you.

But most importantly, you have to be a product of your product. Share your story! There is nothing more powerful than you sharing your own success story.

For example, for me I have an eight-month-old baby, I gained 55 pounds in my pregnancy. I am still working to lose the weight but the products that I’m using with my company are helping me and I am experiencing results. So, I’m documenting those and sharing those along the way while creating curiosity.

With that being said…

If you’re looking to switch things up in the way that you market, maybe you’re not seeing the results that you want to see, or maybe you recently got started and you posted and you got some sales right away and now it’s crickets, it might be time to switch things up a little bit.

If you’re interested in getting a little bit more in-depth information on how you can use curiosity and some more in-depth training on connecting and recruiting on social media, then click here and download the totally FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy Guide and start your own recruiting frenzy today!



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Alison is a wife, mom to 3 boys, and Mompreneur. She is a both a business coach, and a health and wellness coach. She believes that true success comes from having a positive mindset, a healthy body, and a clear plan of action in order to achieve your goals!